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Ground School

Thinking about becoming a pilot? Learn everything you need to pass the written test and get a leg up on your flight training. Already have a few hours, but having trouble understanding key concepts? Ground school will clear that right up for you. Click here to see when the next class starts!

Flight Training

Learn from the best. Our instructors have decades of experience and thousands of hours under their belt. The style of training we provide will make you a confident, well informed, SAFE pilot. We do not use fancy glass cockpits to teach you how to fly, because we believe in starting with the basics. You’ll thank us for that one day. Click here to schedule a consultation!

Aircraft Rental

Just looking to Rent an aircraft? Look no further. Whether you are looking to stay current, take friends out for a $100 hamburger or take a cross country trip we have you covered. Take a look at what we currently have to offer. Click here to view Equipment and Pricing!