Flight Training

Congratulations on taking on this rewarding challenge! Here is what to look forward to as you progress through your training:

  • Meet with your instructor
  • Check out the equipment
  • Ensure you, the instructor and the equipment are a good fit for learning
  • Prepare for and complete your first flight
  • Review the flight with instructor
  • Schedule and study for your next flight
  • Continue to work with your instructor to build on your skills to obtain the following:
    • Student Pilot Certificate
    • Pass the FAA Written Exam
    • Prepare for and take the Practical Check Exam
  • Successful completion gains you a Private Pilot Certificate

Discovery Flight – A first lesson bargain – Get all those questions you have been thinking of answered by one of our instructors. It is an incredible experience to fly for the first time. We aren’t like your typical flight school that throws you in a plane for a joy ride. We get to know you and review what to expect. It is essentially your first flight lesson. You will really enjoy the experience and learn a thing or two along the way. The discounted price for this experience is $199 for $350 worth of lessons. You may also GIFT a Discovery Flight to a friend or family member that you think might be interested in our experience. Great for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthday and Christmas presents. Please Contact Us for more information or to book your Discovery Flight. We look forward to flying with you!